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‘Andor’ is intelligent, enthralling sci-fi that should make other studios take note

The new live-action “Star Wars” spin-off, limited series “Andor (opens in new tab)” is finally upon us, with the first three episodes now available to watch on Disney Plus (opens in new tab). And it has certainly got folk talking, not only enthusiastically chatting about how good the show looks, both in terms of production design and costumes, or how well written the dialogue is, but most prominently — and most importantly — about how a more interesting, slower-paced thriller, albeit with darker undertones, is so much more engaging to watch, than an unimaginative, lazily-written, sugar-coated show, that relies on a firework display of visual effects to drag a dull, uninspired story along by the scruff of its neck.

But more on that later.

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