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Axiom Space reveals prototype spacesuit for Artemis astronauts on the moon

Watch NASA’s Artemis 3 suit reveal

(Image credit: NASA)

Axiom Space and NASA will officially unveil the new prototype moon suit for Artemis 3 astronauts in a live webcast at 10:30 a.m. EDT (1430 GMT). You can watch it live online for free.

This suit was made for walking.

A prototype of the commercial spacesuit (opens in new tab) that U.S. astronauts plan to wear during the next mission to land on the moon was unveiled on Wednesday (March 15). Unlike the iconic garments worn by the Apollo astronauts more than 50 years, this new suit is a “rental” — designed, built and soon to be leased to the space agency by Axiom Space, a space services company.

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