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Best camera drones 2022: Capture stunning aerial photography and video

The best camera drones available today are easier than ever to use and have the ability to capture truly exquisite photos and videos. And with options available for all budgets and requirements, not to mention a range of unique features, the perfect model for you is just around the corner. 

When considering the best camera drone model for you and your budget, camera functionality, sensor size, resolution for photos, video resolution, video frame rates and the ability to shoot video in ‘flat’ or Raw profiles alongside Raw photos are all important considerations. But it’s not just the camera functionality that you have to consider, size and weight are also factors you can’t ignore. But if the camera element of the drone is less important to you than other features, such as a small and lightweight design, take a look at our best drones and best beginner drones guides where you’ll be able to discover a more suitable model.

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