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Best drones 2022: Take to the skies with the best models for beginners and professionals

If you’re looking for new ways to expand your creative horizon, check out our guide to the best drones available in 2022. The drone market is growing at rapid speed, with more models available than ever before to suit all budgets and requirements. And with specialist models, such as the DJI Avata, offering unique features and functionality, it’s easier than ever to make your aerial photos and videos stand out from the crowd.

While the main reason for purchasing a drone is to capture aerial photos and video, for some people it’s the pure pleasure of flying that attracts them to the hobby. So, whatever your motivation for buying a drone, we have the perfect model for you here. With the best beginner drones costing as little as $300/£260 and the best camera drones costing as much as $2200/£1800 or more in some cases, there’s an option for every budget.

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