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Best eyepieces for telescopes: maximize your telescope’s viewing potential

While buying a telescope is undoubtedly the most significant purchase any amateur astronomer is likely to make, a plethora of accessories are available. Perhaps one of the most important of these is eyepieces. While the aperture of the telescope itself largely determines what you’ll be able to see with it, eyepieces are a crucial part of that equation.

For those perhaps not familiar with them, eyepieces are the small hand-held lens that we place at the telescope’s focus to bring the image into sharp focus for our eyes to observe. They are available in a variety of different types and designs. They also come in various focal lengths, determining the effective magnification. Focal lengths of anywhere between 3 to 50mm are widely available. Various lens designs are widely used Plossl, Kellner, Orthoscopic and Radian are the most popular. Today, many companies also produce custom multi-element designs.

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