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Best free Star Wars 3D prints

Did Emperor Palpatine have a gigantic Sith-powered 3D printer? That’s the only conclusion we can come to after watching Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and seeing him magic up all those Final Order Star Destroyers. He did broadcast his message of doom through Fortnite, so he’s clearly not a stranger to technology.

We can’t offer you that level of power, but if you’re a fan of the saga and its spin-offs, we’ve got ten fantastic free Star Wars 3D prints for you to make. From an AT-AT through to Yoda’s lightsaber, all these models can be made on a 3D printer, most of them in one easy-to-print piece. Even better, you can download every single one of them absolutely free. So, if you’re trying to save some cash for the best Lego Star Wars sets, these free Star Wars 3D prints will be just fine in the meantime.

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