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Can the World Stop Imperialist War?

The figures of Queen Victoria, Kaiser Wilhelm, Czar Nicholas, France’s La Marianne, and a Japanese samurai enact imperial designs on China (1898). Image from Bibliothèque nationale de France.     Although all wars are not imperialist wars, it is remarkable…

Elizabeth Samet on the Modern Memory of the “Good War”

      World War II left behind the dangerous and seemingly indestructible fantasy that our military intervention will naturally produce (an often underappreciated) good. Each succeeding conflict has led to the reprise and reinvention of the Good War’s mythology…

6 Black Heroes of the Civil War

As America’s Civil War raged, with the enslavement of millions of people hanging in the balance, African Americans didn’t just sit on the sidelines. Whether enslaved, escaped or born free, many sought to actively affect the outcome. From fighting on…