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Innovative Contact Lenses To Prevent Dry Eye Syndrome

Every contact lens wearer must have experienced dry eye conditions brought on by the ocular devices, at least once since they started using them. Now, an innovative contact lens prototype aims to make contact lens-induced dry eye (CLIDE) a thing…

Winter Skin: Dermatologist Warns About These 3 Dry Skin Conditions

Winters are synonymous with dry skin. However, some skin conditions can develop or worsen during colder temperatures. A dermatologist and medical students are warning people against three such skin problems–eczema, chilblains, and Raynaud’s phenomenon. “All are conditions that can be…

Study Narrows Down Long COVID Symptoms To Just 7

Long COVID, the medical mystery that continues to boggle the minds of scientists and medical researchers, comes with an extensive list of symptoms. But a new study narrowed down the 47 reported symptoms to just seven.  Published in the journal…