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Everything we know about Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

As the Disney-run Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) pushes onward in 2023 with three movies and several new Disney Plus shows, Sony Pictures still retains the big-screen rights to Spider-Man and much of the immediate Marvel universe that surrounds the character. After the astounding success that was 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, its sequel – titled Across the Spider-Verse – is finally around the corner.

Development on the first of the two planned sequels (Beyond the Spider-Verse is set to arrive in 2024) began before the first movie’s release in 2018, with most of the same writing and directing team attached. An official announcement came in November 2019, with animation work beginning in June 2020. Beyond the Spider-Verse was originally Across the Spider-Verse: Part 1, but it ended up earning a title of its own.

(Image credit: Sony Pictures)

Much like Marvel Studios’ current MCU saga, Into the Spider-Verse and its sequels, as their titles suggest, deal with the mind-bending concept of a multiverse connecting a vast number of realities, each with its own Spider-People. Following the original animated movies, the third live-action Spider-Man movie produced alongside Disney’s Marvel Studios – No Way Home – also explored the idea of Spider-Man variants crossing paths. Now, Across the Spider-Verse is upping the scope tenfold and going bananas with the premise.

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