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Gear up with Celestron and make the most of this year’s Jupiter opposition

Astronomical opposition is the exciting time when the earth aligns precisely between the sun and another planet. This happens because of our faster and smaller orbit.

Saturn, the ringed planet, was recently in opposition on Saturday 14th of August. Saturn is a favorite celestial object for many and is visible to the naked human eye. The first view of Saturn through a telescope is an astronomical highlight for many sky-watchers, even more so if you can catch it when it is fully illuminated by the sun, as you could earlier this month. Saturn is now continuing to shift west and is visible until January 2023. The next Saturn opposition will be in August 2023.

(Image credit: Virtual Telescope Project)

If you didn’t manage to sort your kit out before August 14th, fear not, there’s still plenty of time to get everything you need ahead of Jupiter’s opposition on the 26th of September 2022. It is the biggest and fastest-spinning planet in our solar system.

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