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Get these free rewards from Lego’s Black Friday sale while shopping for Star Wars deals

Black Friday is finally here and if you’ve been waiting until now to save on big Lego Star Wars gifts, you can also get some free rewards from Lego and its VIP Rewards program depending on how much you spend. 

From Nov. 25 to Nov. 28, Lego is offering a series of free gifts (opens in new tab) based on purchases and if you’ve already got your sights set on a hero set, it’s possible that you’ll qualify for one  —  if not all  —  of the offers. So keep these gifts in mind as you check out our best Lego Star Wars deals for Black Friday. Note: Lego is offering the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar for $31.49 (opens in new tab)at 30% off its normal $44.99 price. 

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