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Knog Bilby 400 headlamp review

Knog is an award-winning Australian business founded in 2002 with a mission to get people out and about into the great outdoors and give them the best tools to make everything as simple as possible. Knog is known globally for its best-in-class bike lights, but we are interested in their headlamps, specifically the Knog Bilby 400.

The Knog Bilby 400 features in our buying guide for the best headlamps for stargazing and general low-light scenes. We selected what we think are the best headlamps available to help astronomers and astrophotographers free up their hands to allow them to make adjustments to their setups, find their equipment, and generally be able to multitask without having to worry about a handheld torch or having their all-important night vision ruined.

Key specifications

LED Color: White and Red
Brightness (Lumens):400 Lumens
Runtime: 105hrs at min lumens/5hrs at max lumens
Weight: 3.17oz/90g
Waterproof Rating: IP67
Battery Type
: 880 mAh

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