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Massive asteroid 3 Juno shines in opposition on Wednesday (Sept. 7)

Wednesday (Sept. 7), will give sky watchers an exciting opportunity to see a giant silver asteroid shining in the sky when the asteroid 3 Juno (Juno) moves opposite the sun. 

The best time to see the asteroid, an inhabitant of the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, will be around midnight. The asteroid, which takes its name from a Roman goddess, will appear in the constellation Aquarius remaining above the horizon for the majority of the night. Juno will be visible over New York from 9:06 p.m. ET (0106 GMT on Sept. 8) when it will rise to 21⁰ above the south-eastern horizon until 4:35 a.m. ET on Sept. 8 (0835 GMT), at which point it will sink towards the horizon in the southwest. (A fist at arm’s length corresponds to around 10⁰.)

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