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Nomad Century review: a bold plan to manage climate migration

Gaia Vince’s new book, Nomad Century: How to survive the climate upheaval, argues that mass migration caused by Earth’s climate crisis could be turned into a plus. Could her plan work?


31 August 2022

Megacities in the near future could be built on vast swathes of Russia, Canada and Scandinavia

Andriy Onufriyenko/Getty Images

Nomad Century
Gaia Vince (Allen Lane)

GAIA VINCE is something of a star in climate science writing. Her debut, Adventures in the Anthropocene, was a compelling blend of climate science reporting and travelogue. Transcendence, her second book, sought to explain human evolution in ambitious “big history” terms – think Yuval Noah Harari meets Matt Ridley.

Her latest, Nomad Century: How to survive the climate upheaval, offers more big history, though it tackles the future. Vince …

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