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See a starry ‘crown’ dazzle in both the northern and southern skies

There are several constellations in our northern sky that have similar counterparts in the southern sky. 

In our current evening sky, for instance, is the zodiacal constellation Pisces, composed of two fish tied together on a string or ribbon by their tails. One fish is composed of a faint circle of stars popularly known as the Circlet. “Pisces”‘ is the Latin word for “fishes”; the singular form is “piscis,” and there is indeed a Southern Fish constellation, known as Piscis Austrinus. Using the Great Square of Pegasus, if you imagine a line drawn through the two stars on the right side of the Square (Markab and Scheat, also called Alpha Pegasi and Beta Pegasi) and go straight south, you’ll arrive at Fomalhaut, the brightest star in Piscis Austrinus and the 18th brightest star in the sky. 

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