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‘Star Trek’ Day offers a feast for fans, including news, interviews and more

Paramount is aiming to firmly establish “Star Trek” Day as a significant event in the annual sci-fi fan’s calendar with an impressive line up promising announcements, reveals, interviews and probably a new teaser or trailer too. 

The fifth oldest surviving film studio in the world continues to emulate what other studios are doing and pouncing on the opportunity to tenuously connect dates through the year, much like “Star Wars Day” on May 4th, Disney’s D23, First Contact Day and even April 26 (that’s “Alien” related). These are in addition to the annual “Star Wars” Celebration, Disney Plus Day and all the conventions held around the country, including SDCC and NYCC. Only last week, the annual “Star Trek” Las Vegas event was held, so we’re certainly spoilt for choice and long may it continue.

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