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AI won’t replace radiologists, yet!

A recent study published in The British Medical Journal tested whether artificial intelligence (AI) could pass the examination for the Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists (FRCR). Radiologists in the United Kingdom (UK) must pass the FRCR examination before…

Cutting-edge AI technologies transforming stroke care in England

Tens of thousands of stroke patients across the country are benefitting from quicker treatment and improved outcomes thanks to government investment in cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) to diagnose and determine the best treatment for patients who suffer a stroke. Early-stage…

DeepMind’s AI cuts energy costs for cooling buildings

Research firm DeepMind has built an AI to optimise cooling systems in buildings. In tests, it reduced energy usage by around 10 per cent Technology 20 December 2022 By Jeremy Hsu AI could help cool university buildings Shutterstock/Jacob Boomsma Artificial…