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What is the effect of pregnancy on resting state brain activity?

During pregnancy, women undergo various changes in their bodies and behavior. A recent Nature Communications study evaluated pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy brain scans to understand better the changes in grey matter architecture, neural metabolite concentration diffusion metrics, and the temporal coherence of neural…

Study uncovers new rules for lineage progression

The hypothalamus, one of the most complex brain regions in the mammalian nervous system, contains an astonishing heterogeneity of neurons that regulate endocrine, autonomic and behavioral functions. It not only regulates food consumption, water intake, body temperature, circadian rhythm and…

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in the urine of Danish infants

As concerns regarding the effects of exposure to potentially toxic substances on fetal and infant health rise, researchers report the finding of several endocrine-disruptor chemicals in Danish infants in a recent Environment International journal study. More specifically, this study found that breastfeeding…