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How salt appetite differs between males and females

While many studies have examined male salt consumption behaviors, less research has examined how these behaviors may differ among female subjects. To this end, a recent Nutrients journal study reviews differences in salt intake based on sex. Study: Sex differences in…

Time-restricted eating reduces body mass in young athletic men

Optimum nutrition is essential for athletes interested in improving and maintaining their body composition and sports performance. Restrictive energy intake, along with structured exercise, is an effective non-pharmacological approach for achieving these results. Study: Effects of time-restricted eating on aerobic capacity,…

Debunking ‘man flu’

Man flu is a phrase used to denote acute rhinosinusitis (ARS) in men. Technically, this type of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) affects the nose and paranasal sinuses. Many people refer to this condition as distinctively affecting men, leading to…