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Rapid Mutation Helps RSV Evade Vaccines: Study

Several vaccines for the human respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) are currently in the works. But their efficacy could be challenged by one property of the virus that makes it hard to catch. A recent study published in the journal Virus…

Important backup mechanism of human immune cells elucidated

The enzyme TBK1 is an important component of the innate immune system that plays a critical role in the defense against viruses. Upon mutation-induced loss of TBK1 function, patients show an increased susceptibility to viral infections. Strikingly, if TBK1 is…

Novel microfluidic model mimics a rare genetic disorder

Our bodies are made up of 60,000 miles of complex pipes that play a vital role in transporting nutrients throughout our bodies, performing waste disposal, and supplying our organs with fresh oxygen and blood. Vascular malformations (VMs) are a group…