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The covid-19 virus gets into the brain – what does it do there?

We now know that covid-19 can cause neurological symptoms, ranging from brain fog and headaches to strokes. Research is beginning to reveal how this happens and hint at better treatments


25 January 2023

The coronavirus that causes covid-19 has been found in the brain

Darryl Fonseka / Alamy Stock Photo

From the first weeks of the covid-19 pandemic, it has been clear that the disease often causes neurological symptoms – ranging from headaches and brain fog to strokes and paralysis. Sometimes, the symptoms are short-lived; sometimes, they persist as part of long covid. We are now getting a clearer picture of covid-19’s neurological symptoms and how the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus indirectly affects the brain, pointing the way to potential treatments.

Furthermore, there is mounting evidence that the virus can sometimes …

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