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The Silent Sea review: South Korean series is a slice of space horror

From a parched Earth, Song Ji-an joins a lunar mission to find out how her sister died. With nods to the 1972 Solaris and Alien, word-of-mouth hit The Silent Sea is an intriguing show, says Bethan Ackerley


7 September 2022

Song Ji-an (Bae Doona) joins a mission that finds a terrifying truth


The Silent Sea

Director Choi Hang-yong


IF YOU live in Europe, this seems an appropriate time to watch The Silent Sea. With even rainy nations touched by what may be the continent’s worst drought in 500 years, it is easier than ever to imagine an arid future for Earth.

This South Korean sci-fi thriller debuted on Netflix in December last year to little fanfare, but its acolytes have spread the word and it is now a word-of-mouth …

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