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This Lego Star Wars deal gets you the rare, retiring Imperial Probe Droid for its lowest price ever

If you’re looking for a Lego Star Wars deal this Black Friday week, we’ve found a great one for you. Right now Amazon’s Lego store has the Imperial Probe Droid, which is set to retire very soon, at its lowest ever price of $41.99 (opens in new tab). That’s a 30% saving on the list price and, more importantly, it knocks this kit down to that sweet sub-$50 gifting price. If you are looking to complete your own Star Wars Lego collection, or know someone who’d appreciate a satisfying build from the original trilogy, this is a must have.

We reviewed the Imperial Probe Droid (opens in new tab) earlier this year, and found it to be a highly authentic and fun kit to build. Impressed by the detail, we awarded it 4.5 stars out of a possible 5, one of the highest accolades we’ve given to a Lego Star Wars kit. With a third off the price, this recommendation only becomes stronger.

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