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This Week’s Top Space Stories!

Why NASA sees Artemis 1 as a stepping stone to Mars, the long journey of Artemis 1 to the launch pad, and Orion’s forthcoming moon test. These are some of the top stories this week from    

NASA frames Artemis 1 moon mission as a step to Mars

NASA’s Artemis I Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft is seen atop a mobile launcher as it rolls out of the Vehicle Assembly Building to Launchpad 39B, Tuesday, Aug. 16, 2022, at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.  (Image credit: NASA/Joel Kowsky)

NASA’s Artemis program to the moon may be a small step to getting to Mars, if the agency’s plans come to fruition. The schedule says that Aug. 29, the Artemis 1 mission will kick off when the Space Launch System (SLS) leaves Launch Pad 39B at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, sending an Orion spacecraft towards the moon.

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