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Vaonis Vespera Observation Station smart telescope review

The Vaonis Vespera telescope ($2499/£1982) is the smallest smart telescope yet — and it looks the part. A smaller, lighter and more affordable version of its robotic bigger sister the Vaonis Stellina from French startup Vanois, the long-awaited Vespera (‘evening’ in Latin) is technically a camera and not a telescope. It has no eyepiece and instead creates images of the night sky that it shares with up to five connected smartphones or tablets via an app called Singularity. 

Using a camera and working brilliantly even in light-polluted cities, it’s designed not for the moon and planets, but for the deep sky. Here’s everything you need to know about the Vespera in action.

Vanois Vespera smart telescope: Design

 Any full-size tripod can be attached to the bottom.  (Image credit: Jamie Carter)
  • Futuristic curvy design
  • 15-inches / 40 cm tall
  • Proprietary charging cable

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